TAG Farnborough Airport spruce up grounds at South Farnborough Infant School

On 14 July 2017, a group of volunteers from TAG Farnborough Airport went to South Farnborough Infants School to repaint and revamp an old metal wall.

The outdoor space was very rundown and not child friendly. The ‘grey’ area had no life and didn’t represent feelings of joy that the school wants to promote. Other areas of the school reflect their ethos and are vibrant, colourful and are consequently used by the pupils of the school on a daily basis.

The volunteers started by cleaning and preparing the wall ready to be spray painted. The team then got to work outlining pictures along the wall before being let loose with paints and brushes!

The old dull wall has been transformed into a beautiful, bright and promising area for children to utilise and play around. Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers from TAG, the space can, once again, be utilised for play, outdoor learning and provides a safe and bright area for children to use both before, during and after school.

Charlotte Dunlop, Events & Marketing Assistant at TAG said, "I had a great time helping out a lovely local school. The difference made is amazing and whilst I'm not the best at painting, I think we have all done a brilliant job."

Helen Fletcher Davies, Headteacher at South Farnborough Infants School said. "With 120 children using the area every day and another 200 using it throughout the course of each week it will certainly benefit the local community!"

"This is brilliant and I would like my son to come here!" - TAG Volunteer

The pupils absolutely love the work our volunteers were able to create! Here's what they have to say about it:

"It brightens my day"
"It takes me to a sunny place every time I look at it"
"Wow! What a transformation to the garden!"
"Thank you for a fabulous creation!"
"We love it"
"It reminds me of all the seasons"
"The pictures look really realistic"
"It makes me happy because it makes me think of winter with the snowman and the rainy and sunny days with the rainbow"
"It cheers me up if I am feeling sad"
"The kites remind me of a windy day in Autumn"
"It makes me feel like I want to burst with happiness, the colours are lovely!"

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who gave up their time to bring to life an artistic vibrant wall!

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