UK cloud Corporate Volunteers makeover charity Cabin!

On Thursday 21 June 2018, a group of volunteers from UKCloud travelled to Parkside in Aldershot to help transform their outdoor cabin.

Parkside is a local charity that provides support services for children and adults with learning disabilities. The charity aim to provide activities and opportunities for their service users and prides itself in making a difference to its community.

Whilst helping to paint a cabin might not seem like a lot, Parkside use the facility for a range of activities and events throughout the year. The cabin is situated in a garden where clients are able to learn about gardening, sustainability and also given the opportunity to grow their own vegetables and fruits.

Due to lack of manpower and funding, the cabin had become dry and needed a little TLC. The garden had also become slightly overgrown, so UKCloud came to the rescue!

Half the team got straight to work sanding down and varnishing the hut whilst the other half cut the grass and trimmed back some overgrown bushes.

Parkside clients (who were there for the duration of the day) were very impressed with the work, and generously thanked the volunteers for their hard work turning their cabin back into an inviting place for them!

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